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The play you create in this course will tell a linear story (have a beginning, middle, and end) with 2-5 well-developed characters, one location, and a running time of 30-60 minutes (30-60 properly formatted pages). You will receive a total of twelve (12) double assignments (listed below) that will each contain a Playwriting Review, a Playwriting Assignment, a Marketing Assignment, and a suggested deadline of one month. Each month, you will send me your completed playwriting and marketing assignment, I will critique it, and I will return it to you with your next assignments. Whether you meet the suggested deadline or work at your own pace is up to you, so long as you remember that all assignments must be completed within twelve (12) months. The twelve writing/marketing assignments:

  • Finding and Stating Your Idea/Brainstorming
  • Getting Specific/Beginning Research
  • Conversations with Characters/Getting Information
  • Structure/Sorting
  • Jumping Into Dialog/Review Current Markets
  • The Beginning/Getting Out There
  • The Middle/Getting Out There Part 2
  • The End(?)/Top Ten
  • Rewriting and Formatting/30 Second Commercial
  • Rewriting Again/Little Things Mean a Lot
  • Staging a Reading & Rewriting AGAIN?/Cover Letter and Resume
  • Final Touches/Sending It Out

Cost: $450.00


Photo by Kim Hillman

Judy Adourian teaching at a NEWN workshop.

“Judy Adourian taught me more about playwriting in one class than I learned from an entire semester in college."

—Molly Ellowis     
  Pembroke, FL

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