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First Time Critique
Upon receiving the copy (never the original) of your manuscript, your SASE* with correct coverage to return your manuscript, your signed/dated contract, and your payment, Judy will provide a critique within 4-6 weeks. Your critique will include:

  • Markings directly on the text
  • A type written critique of structure, character, dialog (content and style), and over-all impression

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Re-critique of Revised Manuscript
Line-by-line edits. This follows the same guidelines as a First Time Critique.

Single Assignments
Whether you are writing a personal essay, a play, or a short story, there are basics of writing that al these genres share. Listed below are single assignments that can assist you with developing weak areas. Upon completing the assignment, you will receive a critique of it. (Note: When requesting single assignments, please state what genre you are currently writing– personal essay, play, or short story.)

  • Finding and Stating Your Idea: Five writing exercises to help you choose a topic
  • Getting Specific: Ten questions that will focus your idea
  • Structure: Learn the elements of your chosen genre
  • Characters: Interview your protagonist and your antagonist and create real characters
  • Dialogue: Practice the difference between writing conversation and writing dialogue
  • Formatting: Examples of correct formatting for your chosen genre
  • Staging a Reading: How and why this is a crucial step in the playwriting process
  • 30 Second Commercial: What it is, how to write it, and why you need it
  • Cover Letter and Resume: What you should include and how they should look
  • Sending It Out: How to create a professional manuscript package and keep track of responses

Hire Judy
To get started, simply send Judy an email with your name, address, phone number, and whether you are interested in a first time or, re-critique or single assignment(s). Judy will send you a contract. In that contract, you will specify if you'd like to correspond/complete the assignment via e-mail or postal mail and the date you'd like to begin. Sign and date the completed contract, send with your payment, and get started!

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* Self-addressed, stamped envelope


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If you have the desire and the discipline, Judy will give you the tools to make sure you manifest your dream to become a playwright."

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